Freshford Equestrian Centre Stable Agistment

Stables with yards and day paddocks

Freshford Equestrian Centre Horse Agistment
Freshford Equestrian Centre Horse Stable  Agistment
Freshford Equestrian Centre Horse Stable Agistment


Our stables are housed in two large steel barn-style sheds, 18 in each block and are located close to the arenas, wash bays and tack room.  All stables have a yard attached and are fitted with an automatic water.


The day paddocks are conveniently located adjacent to the two stable blocks. All day paddocks have electric fencing by way of standoffs to minimise the interaction and altercations with other herds across the fences. 

Generally the mares and geldings are segregated in our day paddocks  to minimise the risk of fighting or injury, however we appreciate that sometimes horses have been in their mixed herd for a number of years.  In such cases we try to accommodate them in a mixed paddock.


The entrances of each stable block are monitored by CCTV.